Excerpts from letters received by Ed Horstman
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"Tri-Star", THE NAME
.."My first introduction to multi-hulls was in the late '70s when I was sitting in an anchorage on Santa Cruz Island Ca. getting my brains beat out & the only other boat there was a Horstman tri - riding gently over the choppy swells and ignoring the 30 kt winds. My second introduction was being invited to go for an evening sail on a TS39 from the Ventura Ca harbor out to Anacapa Island & back, about 17 miles more or less. This trip would have taken me over four hours in my CAL 34. We were making 12 kts without breaking a sweat and I couldn't take my eyes off of the coffee cup just sitting on the deck as though I were home at the kitchen table - twice the speed, a fraction of the work, warm and dry, and infinitely more comfortable! Now my wife & I can finally build one of your designs and live our dream - thanks." Trimaran 39'

Jerry – 10/6/06
..” Been having so darned much fun and enjoyment out of sailing our Tri-Star that we had no time to even think of writing. Ed, it's great! We're so pleased with the way it handles and everything, that it's too hard to explain every feeling we've had, after so long under construction. If I've never said it before - thanks for the design. Nevadan is her name and she sails like the wind." Trimaran 37'
..."Very pleased with the performance. The boat does not have any of the problems that some reports mentioned on trimaran designs. Goes like hell in any direction and comes about very easily. This boat makes me feel like I've been sailing for years, when I've just begun two years ago." Trimaran 35'
..."This is Captain Bob's First Mate, now secretary, checking in to let you know the wanderings and whereabouts of Numero Uns! Last Friday we left Ketchikan on a short cruise with two other Trimarans, both different designs, to a cove 25 miles westerly. One was a 42' tri. The 42' was motoring, as is what he prefers, but us other two were enjoying some nice rare stern winds and sailing beautifully.... We are happy with the way the boat handles. When you holler "Come about" you had better be ready to come about because the boat is going to come about immediately . Turning on a dime is nothing and we get a nickel in change! Whenever we are in a port, we are the main attraction and do hold an open house constantly. Usually these are mostly curious to see what a trimaran is like inside, but the greater percentage are sincerely interested in starting and completing their own tri. They are very pleased with construction, space, accommodations, and space." Trimaran 38'
..."My son and I and 11 others had a sail in Bob Braggin's (38') boat a few weeks ago. I was very favorably impressed. We had around 32 knot winds, Bob made one downwind turn that would have been disastrous to most any other type of boat. It seemed we fairly flew. There was a single hull sail boat race that day and there were 5 dismasting. I have heard it said that a tri rode rough in rough water. I do not think Bob's trimaran  rode any rougher than any single hull would. I know one thing, I would have hated being out there with my single hull 20-footer." Trimaran 38'
..."It is a pleasure to tell you how happy I am with my 'thirty five'. I have sailed it in a variety of conditions and without exception the boat has preformed beautifully. It has out sailed almost all other boats with which I have sailed, including many tris and cats. The boat points well and responds to the helm immediately in all conditions, even with the slightest wind, and comes about easily. I have single-handed the boat and have had the experience of balancing the sail and helm so that it sail itself, freeing me to leave the cockpit to go forward or below, or just relax. It is nice to know the design has been so well crafted." Trimaran 35'
..."After we first launched the boat, we had an easy time chasing other boats around, but now they avoid us altogether. I guess we will have to find new ones to chase. Since then we have had a few of them over for drinks and a look around. They thought we bought the boat until we told them we built it from your plans." Trimaran 27-9'
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