Excerpts from letters received by Ed Horstman
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"We were gone for a total of 14 months. It was quite a trip, all 5325 miles of it. The boat performed and handled just wonderful. In spite of being grossly overloaded we were still able to sail and keep up with all the normal cruising folks. Some of the racing folks could leave us behind, but that is what we expected. The boat was extremely comfortable, safe and most enjoyable. It was also a great people meet-er. Everywhere we traveled people[ just seemed to flock to see the boat. We probably had 500 people come aboard and see the boat. Literally thousands came by the docks just to talk, ask questions and just look her over. Most of the time other boats would alter course to intercept and view the boat. I think it was the most photographed boat on the water. There wasn't a day go by that someone didn't take a picture of her. I am still amazed at this. Thanks for the great boat." Catamaran 36

"First I want to say she performs beyond my expectations. She points and accelerates extremely well Guests who sail with me never fail to be impressed about that. I remember one who had recently returned from the Caribbean where she had sailed aboard several mono-hulls 35' and 65' over a period of a year. I took her for a spin across the bay and all she could say is "I can't believe how fast we are going!" over and over again. I don't know why. Our average speed was only 11 knots." Trimaran 41

"We purchased a beach house in March of 1997 from her original owners/builders. I anyone needs any information, photos or glowing testimonials about this wonderful design, please have them contact me. I think I have become one of your best salesmen." Trimaran 60

"The boat (Tri-Star 35') responds nicely - tacks nice in light winds and comes about beautifully.... The job of transporting her 52 miles to Port Canaveral via the "Bee Line (Florida toll freeway) went nicely - most speed was at 55 m.p.h. - rather suprising. My cost will amaze you. My total cost was $59.61. That included a crane at the building site, tractor-trailer with a 42' bed and another crane at the launch site. It would have been free but FCC rules won't permit that. The reason for the low cost was the fact that WDBO-TV, Ch. 6 covered the whole affair and the CO's concerned did that for advertising purposed. Think the TV part was on air for almost 4 minutes. Sorta made it a human interest story. Ha a hell of a time getting a permit to haul it. Florida law limits boats on the road to 14' wide. Had to to finally go to Under Secreatary of Transportation at the State Capital. They finally bent the law - lucky me!" Trimaran 35

"We had a race with several other tris and beat all except one (a 30 ft Aussie "X" brand) but he had a very large genoa - we didn't, however when it came time to turn around, we were the only tri that could go to weather and therefore we waited a half an hour at dockside for the rest to catch up (ha, ha). In fact, even with the little jib we have been able to go to weather with, or even better than, any monohull." Trimaran 27-9'

"The 35XR posseses the best helm of any Trimaran I have sailed on. I have sailed -----'s 37 and two-tri's recently and there is no comparison between the helm of my boat and theirs, no matter under what condition or what the speed of the boat was.

I have become acquainted with a fellow who is building a 46' tri, and he was full of praise for the details in your plans as compared to the 46's. I found his plans very inconvenient nd with too much left over for the builder to sort out. Consequently I am more pleased them over my choice of "Tri-Star 46"

"I haven't done a lot of sailing yet but it did do 12 knots in about 20 knots of wind. I am very pleased with my Cat 33."

B---- builders always seem to have an attitude about your designs, as if they are so jealous or hold a grudge or something. It really bores me to death. To me, there is enough animosity between sailors and power boaters, not to mention monohull sailors versus multi-hull sailors. We certainly don't need any uppityness within the multihull community. But I always seem to encounter it with B---- owners, as if they are tacitly saying: "Oh, you own one of those Horstman Roomerans??" I've heard them imply your boats don't sail well, which really gets my goat. My 35 was built exactly to your specifications and I've sailed it next to several different B---- designs, from 27 feet on up to over 40 and I have always had to slow down for them to keep up with me!  Tri-Star 35

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