TRI-STAR CAT 38 Catamaran Design

LOA 38ft 7in SAIL AREA 837 sq.ft.
BEAM 20 ft 6 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 28 in.

TRI-STAR CAT 38, designed as a spacious, fast enjoyable sailing catamaran. The spacious bridge deck,interior and hulls have over 6ft 4in headroom. TRI-STAR CAT 38 accommodations may be arranged to have either four cabins with queen size berths or two aft cabins and a full width forward stateroom. The 20ft 6in beam gives a spacious bridge deck lounge that may be arranged to the owners desires. The galley, located in the spacious hull, may be fully equipped and is open to the bridge deck. TRI-STAR CAT 38 has a large cockpit that is laid out so as to make sailing easy and lounging enjoyable. The cockpit may be protected at anchor with a boom tent and a dodger at sea. Decks are well laid out and their spaciousness is enhanced with bow webbing for sail handling, anchoring or a great place for sunbathing and fish watching. TRI-STAR CAT 38 may be built using either cold molded plywood construction or foam F.G. sandwich construction. Which ever methosd the builder selects, the builder will find the design is detailed with the most comprehensive of plans - plans that include full-size patterns an Ed Horstman's informative construction books that cover fully every stage of construction. TRI-STAR 38's spacious interior is designed with hull shapes that provide the load carrying ability and interior storage room needed in a fast sailing and comfortable cruising catamaran one will enjoy building and sailing.


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