Ed Horstman TRI- STAR designs are proven designs, sailing the seven seas since 1964. TRI-STAR TRIMARAN and CATAMARAN plans are drawn for the first time builder. Plans are concise and clearly drawn so the builder can easily follow each building step. Designs are continuously updated with your input and new ideas. Plans include full size patterns to 63'. The larger TRI's and CAT's have full radius hulls. With no lofting you build right away.

Trimaran and Catamaran construction may be either: Cold Molded Double diagonal plywood or Foam Fiberglass Sandwich Construction. Both construction methods are fully covered in the Designers books: Trimaran and Catamaran Construction and Foam Fiber glass Construction. BOTH books are part of plans for all sizes over 21 ft. Plans are leased to build ONE boat, NO time limit . Person or persons, by leasing either a TRI-STAR TRIMARAN or TRI-STAR CATAMARAN set of “stock plans” agrees to build one Trimaran or one Catamaran from said leased “stock plans” and not to Copy or Sell any of the drawings Leaser receives. Free consultation is provided to the original non-professional builder till he or she is sailing.

Designers Fee is applicable for Builders requiring custom modifications to their Stock Plans.

New Owners of Tri-Star Tri/Cats "Welcome aboard and Happy Sailing". Should you have a sailing Question happy to trade you an answer for a photo. In my book TRIMARAN SAILING is a good sailing comparison.

For those Requiring Stock replacement drawings [No Full Size drawings and No Drawings, Dash numbers 4 thru 7] the Cost is $60.00 per drawing. These drawings may be sent over seas in a PDF file check for price.

All Tri/Cats may be built with flared hulls, With the exception of the TRI 25, TRI 26MT, Cat27PC and CAT 27.

TRI-STAR TRIMARAN PLANS - Ordering Instructions, see Order Form   Prices subject to change.

TRI-STAR CATAMARAN PLANS   Prices subject to change

TRI-STAR TRIMARAN STUDY PLANS   Prices subject to change.

TRI-STAR CATAMARAN STUDY PLANS   Prices subject to change