TRI-STAR CAT 51 Catamaran Design

LOA 50ft 10 in SAIL AREA 1388 sq.ft.
BEAM 29 ft 6 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 3ft 4in.

TRI-STAR CAT 51 is designed for the owner desiring a spacious and enjoyable sailing catamaran. The spaciousness of the bridge deck allows for numerous owner layouts. The accomodation plan shown may be used for a great charter catamaran as each queen size stateroom has its own shower and head. For those wanting a layout more in line with the TRI-STAR CAT 41, the forward berth may be positioned the same as the aft cabin berth and accessed the same as TRI-STAR CAT 41. Positioning the berth inthis manner also allows for a cockpit size inboard steering station forward, or an area that could serve as a separate lounge or office. The galley aso may be positioned in the hull as in TRI-STAR CAT 41. TRI-STAR CAT 51 hulls are 82" wide with a sole that is 54" wide giving ample room for accomodations to meet the owner's desires. TRI-STAR CAT 51's mast station bulkhead may partition the bridge deck forward or the bulkhead may be open, allowing those sitting in the lounge area to have the same spacious interior accomodations. TRI-STAR CAT 51has two large cockpits. The inboard cokpit has a large steering station and a seating area that may be set up for dining. The two outboard cockpits may also be set up for dining, allowing all the huests to dine on deck. TRI-STAR CAT 51 has an efficient sloop rig for ease of handling, be it cruising or charter. Fin keels provides the lateral resistance for sailing and give a low draft of 5' 6". With this draft you will be able to enjoy the beaches. Keels may be replaced with dagger boards for a hull draft of 3' 4". TRI-STAR CAT 51's auxiliary power is provided by two Z drive inboard engines located in the large engine rooms at the sternof each hull. Auxiliary power plants may also be located in the engine rooms. TRI-STAR CAT 51 with its spacious interior and exterior accommodations is designed for sailing and cruising comfort. TRI-STAR CAT 51 is a joy owning and sailing.


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