Interior Gallery

The TRI-STAR 38/39 was built by Dot & Jack Den Herder of Australia, who incidentally built a TRI-STAR 27-9 first with same attention to detail as see here in there TRI-STAR 38/39. I am eternally grateful to all my TRI-STAR owners, building and sailing, for it is they that create the individual works of art you see. I may put the lines on paper but the individual builders are the ones that create the beautiful Trimarans and Catamarans with the interiors you see. For that I am humbly grateful.

Sincerely and Happy sailing

Ed Horstman

Photo Tri 35 interior 1
Tri-Star 35 Interior
Photo Tri 35 interior 2
Tri-Star 35 interior
Tri 42 Galley and Berth
Tri-Star 42 Galley and Berth
Tri 42 View Aft
Tri-Star 42 View Aft
Tri 42 Wing Berth
Tri-Star 42 Wing Berth
Tri 43 XRC galley Table and Fridge
Tri-Star 43XRC Galley
Tri 43 XRC interior
Tri-Star 43XRC Interior
Tri 43 XRC interior 2
Tri-Star 43XRC interior
The interior photos of the TRI-STAR 46 shown here were built by Bud Matteson.
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
This is a deck view of the Tri 46 you are viewing the interior photos of
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
TRI-STAR 46 Drifter
Tri 49 Captain's Cabin
Tri-Star 46 Captain's Cabin

Tri 49 Cedar Closet
Tri-Star 46 Captain's Cabin

Cedar Closet

Tri 49 Pano Cabin
Tri-Star 46 Pano Cabin
Tri 49 DC Panel
Tri-Star 46 DC Panel
Tri 49 Dining Area
Tri-Star 46 Dining Area
Tri 49 Pilot House Aft
Tri-Star 46 Pilot House Aft
Tri-Star 46 Galley
Tri 49 Helm Station
Tri-Star 46 Helm Station
Tri 49 Workshop Starboard
Tri-Star 46 Workshop Starboard
Tri 49 Workshop Port Side
Tri-Star 46 Workshop Port Side
Tri 49 Workshop
Tri-Star 46 Workshop
Tri-Star 46 Raised deck
Tri 49 Pilot House Port
Tri-Star 46 Pilot House Port
Tri-Star 49 "ARIES" is a great sailing Trimaran built by the designer, has a spacious deck that makes sail handling and lounging a joy, complemented with an interior found only on TRI-STAR trimarans as these interior photos show.
Tri 49 Aft Cabin
Tri-Star 49 Aft Cabin
Tri 49 Galley
Tri-Star 49 Galley
Tri49 Ama Berth
Tri-Star 49 Ama Berth
Tri 49 Cockpit
Tri-Star 49 Cockpit
Tri 49 Shower
Tri-Star 49 Shower
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
Tri-Star 49 Fwd Main Berth

Tri-Star Catamaran Interior Photos

Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
Cat36 Berth
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
Cat 36 Interior
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
Cat 36 Fwd Main Berth
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
Cat 36 Main Berth
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
Cat 36 Dining Area
Tri 49 Forward Main Berth.jpg
Cat 36 bathroom

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