TRI-STAR 27 Trimaran Design

LOA 27 ft 9 in SAIL AREA 500 sq.ft.
BEAM 17 ft 5 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 17 in.
USEFUL LOAD see photo

TRI-STAR 27-9 a truly enjoyable Ed Horstman design being build and sailed the world over. The TRI-STAR 27-9 shown sailing on my home page is a great example of the many how are enjoying sailing on a TRI-STAR 27-9 with it's fine sailing features. The smiling faces are typical of all that sail on a TRI-STAR Trimaran. TRI-STAR 27-9's flush deck design gives you a spacious interior and a spacious deck that everyone enjoy. TRI-STAR 27-9 deck is not only great for lounging but is a safe uncluttered deck for sail handling. TRI-STAR 27-9 has great galley, seats 4 to 6 and has two king size wing berths and a private forward area for berth and head. TRI-STAR 27-9 may be built using either cold molded plywood construction or foam F.G. sandwich construction. Which ever method the builder selects, the builder will find the design is detailed with the most comprehensive of plans - plans that include full-size patterns and Ed Horstman's informative construction books that cover fully every stage of construction.

TRI-STAR 27-9 a great sailing trimaran that is comfortable and enjoyable both above and below deck. TRI-STAR 27-9 is a TRI-STAR design that owners all say is a joy to sail and own.


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