TRI-STAR 31 Trimaran Design

LOA 31 ft 4 in SAIL AREA 635 sq.ft.
BEAM 19 ft 1 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 19 in.

TRI-STAR 31 has proven to be comfortable seaworthy weekend as well as a world cruiser that some have even enjoyed racing in her. TRI-STAR 31 is an enjoyable week end sailor and one that has cruised the world. TRI-STAR 31 will sleep 6 in king size wing berths that take up none of the interior and may be enclosed for privacy. The TRI-STAR dinette will seat up to 6 comfortably. The cutaway drawing shows TRI-STAR 31s well laid out and comfortable interior. TRI-STAR 31 flush deck is great for lounging and sail handling. TRI-STAR 31 has round bottom hull build either with double diagonal plywood or Foam fiberglass sandwich construction. TRI-STAR 31 is a great trimaran, comfortable and a enjoy to sail.


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tri31_3d tri31_cross

New LWL bows. LWL = Long Water Line


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