TRI-STAR 35XR Trimaran Design

LOA 35 ft SAIL AREA 819 sq.ft.
BEAM 21 ft 8 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 22 in.

TRI-STAR 35XR is fast comfortable fun Tri, one the whole family will enjoy. Tri-Star 35XR description is much the same as Tri-Star line of XR designs. TRI-STAR 35XR spacious uncluttered flush deck design unitized construction gives strength and maximum interior accommodations and the safety of an uncluttered deck for lounging and easy sail handling area for the most inexperienced of sailors. True windward performance is achieved with raisable high aspect ratio dagger board in each ama. TRI-STAR 35XR is 5' from DWL to the mast step while below deck she has a more spacious interior. Owner quotations, "possesses the best helm of any trimaran I have sailed on. In 8Kt winds you can walk away from the helm as she is perfectly balanced. At 30 to 40Kts she has a slight weather helm which is controllable with one finger on tiller". Comments from viewers--"My she is the most beautiful Tri I have seen" -- "never realized a flush deck could be so streamlined". The 35XR has the features you will enjoy building and sailing.

NOTE: the 35XR picture above is shown with the original Clipper bows all TRISTAR Trimarans were designed with, now replaced with what I call" long water line" bows = [LWL] The new bow design with there longer water lines improve sailing performance.


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