TRI-STAR 38 / 39Trimaran Design

LOA 38/39 ft SAIL AREA 841 sq.ft.
BEAM 22 ft 4 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 27 in.

TRI-STAR 38/39 is a great sailing trimaran with performance and accommodations in a size all will enjoy. Tri-Star 38/39 flush deck design with the higher bow height of makes her a safe comfortable ocean cruiser. The main hull is over 7' in width at the wing deck and now with the Flared Hull option is 8' 6" in width giving TRI-STAR 38/39 the most spacious main hull lounge in her size. For sleeping accommodations the ama's each have a double private stateroom with over 5'10" of head room. Aft, there is a private double cabin with complete privacy. Tri-Star 38/39 will sleep 6 plus options. TRI-STAR 38/39 fine sailing features are complemented with high under wing clearance and full bouncy ama's that are spaced to reduce wave interplay. TRI-STAR's flush deck unitized construction gives strength and maximum interior accommodations and the safety of an uncluttered deck for lounging and easy sail handling area for the most inexperienced of sailors. True windward performance is achieved with raisable high aspect ratio dagger board in each ama. TRI-STAR 38/39 with her spacious accommodations, seaworthiness and being a joy to sail has become a popular Ed Horstman design you will enjoy building and sailing.


Dear Ed: "Cass and I thought we would take this opportunity, while Tortuga Too is tied to the dock for a much needed rest, to write and tell you how happy we are with her design and performance. This 16,000 mile journey from the west coast of the United States to Europe via Cape Horn gave our TRI-STAR 39 a good chance to prove her abilities while enduring greater pressures than on any previous voyages [ in a TRI-STAR 35 ]. She met up on this passage with five force twelve storms, hurricane strength winds, one storm gusted to one hundred miles per hour. Tortuga Too crossed over or ran with waves from thirty to fifty feet and many times side stepped seas of the some dimension threatening her beam. After all this hard sailing in Tortuga Too we wanted you to know a survey revealed no structural damage to the boat. Not even a chipped point in the Underwing. A well-proven point in our opinion for your design and suggested construction information. She was built, as you know, to your plans without changes of our own. An action that proved again its worth when encountering such treacherous seas. A proven world cruiser!"


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