TRI-STAR 40 LW Trimaran Design

LOA (LWL) 40 ft (39 ft) SAIL AREA 841 sq.ft.
BEAM 22 ft 4 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 27 in.
USEFUL LOAD 3900 lbs

TRI-STAR40LW is the proven TRI-STAR 38/39 design with LWL = [ long water line] bows for performance with the flared main hull for a more spacious interior. TRI-STAR 40LW expands on TRI-STAR 38/39 accommodations by adding 12 inches to the aft cabin. The flared hull adds over 12 more inches of room in the main hull and to the overall interior room. The added interior spaciousness is done without changing the hull lines that have proven to be seaworthy and fast. The new aft cabin has been dramatically increased in size by moving the transom aft and at the same time by sloping it a bit more we have increased the aft berth length. This sloping of the transom adds to the flowing lines and will make installation of a boarding ladder easier. The flared hull design allows the 6'6" aft berth to be 50" wide at the transom without changing the hull shape. The aft berth is queen size with 35 inches of room foreword of the berth. The aft cabin has full 6'2" headroom. Tri-Star 40LW may be built using either cold molded plywood construction or foam F.G. sandwich construction. Which ever method the builder selects, the builder will find the design is detailed with the most comprehensive of plans. Plans include full-size patterns, plus Ed Horstman's informative construction books that cover fully every stage of construction. In TRI-STAR 40LW we have taken TRI-STAR 38/39, a proven seaworthy design and made it more enjoyable, both in sailing and below deck comfort. TRI-STAR 40LW by Ed Horstman is a design you would enjoy owning and sailing.

      See the story of "TORTUGA TOO'~ the TRI-STAR 39 that was the FIRST
      TRIMARAN around the horn from west to east. "TORTUGA TOO" was the owner's
      second TRI-STAR, their first was a TR STAR 35 which they sailed 3/4 way around
      the world.


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