TRI-STAR 42 Trimaran Design

LOA 42 ft SAIL AREA 1080 sq.ft.
BEAM 24 ft 4 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 30 in.

NOTE of interest: See Casanova's letter regarding their passage in their TRI-STAR 38/39. The TRI-STAR 39 is the above TRI-STAR 42 design that I reduced 10% to the TRI-STAR 38 design. Casanova's wanted a Trimaran closer in size to there TRI-STAR 35 they had first built and sailed 3/4 around the world in and now wanted a larger trimaran like the TRISTAR 38/39. The last line above says it all for both designs.

TRI-STAR 42 started the "second century" of TRI-STAR Trimaran design incorporating the many firsts in TRI-STAR Trimaran design. TRI-STAR 42 has the new flared main hull [your option] for increased interior room and is capable of carrying a true cruising pay load. TRI-STAR 42 has spacious and comfortable interior, starting in the stern you have a private aft cabin with a spacious double berth, just forward you have the protection of a dog house and below the spacious cockpit sole is the engine room. The main hull has spacious accommodations for dinning and lounging with 8 feet of width at the under wing deck and now with the added flared hull you have 18 inches more room for seating. The foreword compartment of the main hull may be set up with a % bath vanity. For comfortable sleeping accommodations each AMA has a double private stateroom with over 6 feet of head room. TRI-STAR 42 may be set up to sleep 8 if need be.

TRI-STAR 42 flush deck's unitized construction provides a spacious enjoyable interior with full headroom throughout. TRI-STAR 42's flush deck's low silhouette and greater bow height gives more bow buoyancy and a safer and dryer Trimaran. TRISTAR 42 flush deck design provides one with an uncluttered sail handling area for the most inexperienced sailors and a deck it is a joy to lounge on. Tri-Star 42 like all Tri-Star's may be built using either cold molded plywood construction or foam F.G. sandwich construction. Which ever method the builder selects, the builder will find the design is detailed with the most comprehensive of plans - plans that include full-size patterns, plus Ed Horstman's informative construction books that cover fully every stage of construction.

TRI-STAR 42 has shown to be joy to sail, comfortable, fast, ocean cruising Trimaran..


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