TRI-STAR 45 Trimaran Design

LOA 45 ft SAIL AREA 1260 sq.ft.
BEAM 25 ft 6 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 30 in.

TRI-STAR 45 features a main lounge that may seat 12 people at window level. The main hulls spaciousness is complemented by two private state rooms in each ama. The aft cabin there is a spacious private double stateroom. In the main hull forward there are optional layouts, both have enclosed head and shower with provisions to sleep two to four. TRI-STAR 45's interior features are complemented with fine sailing features that are enhanced with high under wing clearance and full bouncy ama's that are spaced to reduce wave interplay.

TRI-STAR's flush deck unitized construction gives strength and maximum interior accommodations while on deck the safety of an uncluttered deck for an easy sail handling area for the most inexperienced of sailors and a deck that is great for lounging. True windward performance is achieved with raisable high aspect ratio dagger board in each ama. TRI-STAR 45 has rounded hulls that may be built using either cold molded plywood or Foam fiberglass sandwich construction. TRI-STAR 45, like all TRI-STAR Trimarans, is first a well sailing and seaworthy Trimaran. She has the built-in spaciousness and strength of TRI-STAR's flush deck design with comfort and privacy for enjoyable sailing be it cruising, chartering or racing. TRI-STAR 45 designed and engineered to be a safe, comfortable, fast ocean cruising-racing Trimaran.


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