TRI-STAR 60 / 63 Trimaran Design

LOA 63 ft SAIL -MAIN, GENOA 1999 sq.ft.
BEAM 32 ft 4 in DRAFT MAIN HULL 40 in.

TRI-STAR 60/63 a Trimaran that can fulfill the dreams of anyone wishing to cruise or charter the world in lUxury. TRI-STAR 60 and 63 have the same hulls, the difference is TRI-STAR 60 has the Clipper bow, the 63 has a LW bow and a new stern. TRI-STAR 63 now has a full headroom passage way directly from the lounge to the ama. The Captains aft cabin is now more spacious and has a full '/4 bath. The TRI-STAR 63 has a number of other accommodation changes that make it great for chartering or a spacious comfortable cruiser. The TRI-STAR 60 in the above photo was a charter boat in Caribbean. The TRI-STAR 60 and TRI-STAR 63 hull shapes allows both to carry the maximum cruising load while having the fine hull lines for fast passages. TRI-STAR 60/63 is a proven design that you would enjoy cruising the world.

The couple that build the TRI-STAR 60 you see at anchor in the photo in the gallery spent 5 years sailing there TRI-STAR 60 as a couple around the Pacific Islands and said in a letter to me, "Had a great adventure and "we had no problems with the boat."


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Tri 60


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